AIM Congress 2023

The Annual Investment Meeting Congress (AIM) on the topic of boosting and empowering the World’s Economy, took place in Abu Dhabi from 8 to 10 May 2023.

The 12th edition of the major annual international conference was fully committed to promote economic growth and productivity by creating investment opportunities, facilitating opportunities and effective promotion strategies.

As an investment platform it gathered under one roof over 10,000 participants from 175 countries aspiring to develop economic relations in all participant nations which in turn had a huge impact on economic growth.

Being considered as an opportune event to challenge fundamental changes in financial and economic relations, AIM congress gave advantage of presenting various programs and projects aiming to maximize the potential of each business and country.

Arare LLC also took part in this huge global event which is positioned in the market as an organization for development and implementation of programs.

There were both present and investment projects including NOY multi-functional complex, Davtashen Symphony Tower and Nairi Villas.

Projects implemented by our company have several important and must-have features that prioritize sustainability, functionality and comfort.

Each project is meticulously crafted to incorporate key aspects such as clear lines, sustainable design, carefully chosen materials, optimal comfort, architectural style, accessibility and safety features.

These essential components are tailored to suit the specific location, intended use and target audience of each project.

Our commitment to innovation and modernity is evident in every aspect of our construction projects, reflecting a resilient and forward-thinking approach to the construction industry.