One of the most important prerequisites for a high-quality construction result is the presence of competent projects. Our company’s work team, along with partner organizations, will help develop competent architectural and structural projects in accordance with laws and regulations.

The projects implemented by the company are created using modern CAD digital tools. Depending on the requirements of the structure, and also based on design solutions, our organization can deliver the result of design work in the form of a digital model of structures (BIM).

Our approach is marked by a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every project we undertake stands out for its creativity and innovation. 

✓  Since its foundation, construction has been one of the main activities of ARARE LLC.

Thanks to business confidence, we have formed stable partnerships with organizations that specialize in narrow professional activities within the field.

Through these collaborations, ARARE has implemented the construction of both residential and public buildings with various levels of complexity.

ARARE LLC offers comprehensive support throughout the entire construction process, which coordinates all aspects of the project, from initial planning and design to budgeting, scheduling, and quality control. 

By offering construction project management services alongside construction and design services, ARARE ensures efficient project delivery, streamline communication between stakeholders, and help clients achieve their project goals on time and within budget.